Why learn baseball online?

COVID-19 has changed the way we study, work & play. Baseball is no exception. In this challenging time, we have decided to pivot the business online. We hope more people will be able to learn and enjoy baseball in this new normal.

Personalized tutor

Bobby Leslie, our head coach and former professional baseball player with 15 years of experience will guide you through our 3-months course. You will learn and master all the basics of the game, and some more.

Learn 100% remotely

Contactless online learning is inevitable. Stay safe and learn this exciting game from the safety and comfort of your room. Minimize the unneccesary exposure to other people, and reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Own pace, own time

We recognize that each student has a different potential in baseball. Therefore, we work with you closely and figure out how fast you can go. Every student will get to make progress at their own pace to accelerate the learning.

About Jubilee Bobby Ace

We are an online baseball academy that has more than 584 former and current students. Our 20-person online coaching team is lead by Bobby Leslie himself. Learn virtual baseball from the safety and comfort of your home. Sign up today!

Meet our Jubilee Bobby Ace team

Our coaches are all former professional baseball players with a strong track record in the field. Under their guidance, you'll bring your gameplay to the next level.
Jubilee Ace - Bobby Leslie

Bobby Leslie

Head coach
Jubilee Ace - Ronald Sergei

Ronald Sergei

Senior coach Level 5
Jubilee Ace - Desmond Robert

Desmond Robert

Senior Coach Level 5
Jubilee Ace - Zunaidi Ahmad

Zunaidi Ahmad

Senior Coach Level 4
Jubilee Ace - Terence Goh

Terence Goh

Senior Coach Level 4
Jubilee Ace - Leslie Zhang

Leslie Zhang

Senior Coach Level 4
Jubilee Ace - Hideki Nakamura

Hideki Nakamura

Coach Level 3
Jubilee Ace - Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee

Coach Level 3
Jubilee Ace - Bobby Stuart

Bobby Stuart

Coach Level 3
Jubilee Ace - Parvinder Singh

Parvinder Singh

Coach Level 3
Jubilee Ace - Nishant Sundeep

Nishant Sundeep

Coach Level 2
Jubilee Ace - Charlie Yong

Charlie Yong

Coach Level 2
Jubilee Ace - Yue Lin

Yue Lin

Coach Level 1
Jubilee Ace - Sanderson Smith

Sanderson Smith

Coach Level 1
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Courtney Garner

Courtney Garner

Sports Advisory
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Garry Flores

Garry Flores

Sports Advisory
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Homer Guerrero

Homer Guerrero

Sports Advisory
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Jeremy Byrd

Jeremy Byrd

Sports Advisory
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Pearl Schmidt

Pearl Schmidt

Sports Advisory
Jubilee Bobby Ace Baseball Sherman Richardson

Sherman Richardson

Sports Advisory

What students say about us

Since the launch of our online learning services, the response from the public is overwhelming:


Country manager, MNC

"Jubilee Bobby Ace's online baseball training program is exactly what I needed. I have a very busy corporate schedule and learning baseball is something I've always wanted to do but can't find the time to do it."



Brand Manager, digital Agency

"Whenever I feel stressed at work, I find solace and calmness in the wonderful baseball courses of Jubilee Bobby Ace. The coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. The courses are easy to follow."

alice peter

Alice Peter

College Freshman

"Being the typical bookworm, I've always struggled in sports, Jubilee Bobby Ace made baseball so easy, I felt like it's learning ABC. My friends are impressed with my baseball skills. It felt great!"

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